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Bewegungsaufnahmen und Animationstechnologie

For full-body motion capture we use two different setups. One setup consists of a leightweight lycra suit with attached reflective markers which are tracked and processed with the Vicon® IQ software. After the capturing process, the data can be post-processed for the desired need. The second setup is used for real-time motion capture and animation. We have two Xsens MVN Suits, consisting of 17 MTx inertial measurement units each. Custom-built plugins enable the use of these suits for real-time animation (e.g. of virtual avatars). For post-processing and animation of body parts or the full body we use Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Motion Builder. The avatars generally used for experiments involving motion capture and animation are part of the Rocketbox Studios GmbH Complete Characters Library.
Last updated: Dienstag, 23.04.2013