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Mobile Robot Teleoperation with Motion Feedback

Teleoperation setups have in common that the operator is decoupled from the remote vehicle in various ways. Sensory information is perceived indirectly through different channels, e.g. audio/video streams. Therefore, in teleoperation realistic motion feedback is not a requirement, as it is in vehicle simulation. The actual motion of the remote vehicle may be shaped differently and presented to the operator to fulfill task-related requirements. Some of the questions we want to investigate are: "Does motion feedback impact performance in a teleoperation scenario?" "How can motion feedback be shaped to increase performance in different tasks?"

For this research the CyberMotion Simulator is an excellent tool. The cabin heavily reduces external influences to the participants like wind and noise. The wide angle screen inside of the cabin is capable of displaying 3D images and provides for a realistic and immersive experience for the operator. Finally, the over-actuated motion platform ensures precise motion feedback; even in situations where other systems have difficulties following desired movements.

We expect to gain insights into how the performance of the operator changes when being presented with motion feedback in addition to the traditional teleoperation setup that includes audio/video channels.

Selected Publication

Robuffo Giordano P Person, Deusch H Person, Lächele J Person and Bülthoff HH Person (May-2010) Visual-Vestibular Feedback for Enhanced Situational Awareness in Teleoperation of UAVs 66th American Helicopter Society International Annual Forum (AHS 2010), AHS International, Alexandria, VA, USA, 2809-2818.

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