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Perception-based Motion Simulation

In the WABS project (WAhrnehmungsbasierte BewegungsSimulation) we develop control systems for motion simulators in order to reduce the mismatch between the rendered motion and its actual perception by the simulator user.

This new approach exploits the most up-to-date knowledge of human motion perception models to implement real-time, platform independent control algorithms for a more convincing motion rendering.

Psychophysical experiments carried out in the CyberMotion Simulator allow the development of human motion perception models, which are then integrated in the control framework of the simulator and experimentally tested in ecological simulations.

Selected Publications

Berthoz A , Bles W , Bülthoff HH Person, Correia Gracio BJ , Feenstra P , Filliard N , Huhne R , Kemeny A , Mayrhofer M , Mulder M , Nusseck HG Person, Pretto P Person, Reymond G , Schlüsselberger R , Schwandtner J , Teufel H , Vailleau B , van Paassen MM , Vidal M Person and Wentink M (May-2013) Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems 43(3) 265-276.
Soyka F Person, Robuffo Giordano P Person, Barnett-Cowan M Person and Bülthoff HH Person (July-2012) Modeling direction discrimination thresholds for yaw rotations around an earth-vertical axis for arbitrary motion profiles Experimental Brain Research 220(1) 89-99.

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