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Borojeni SS Person, Boll SCJ , Heuten W , Bülthoff HH Person and Chuang L Person (April-2018) Feel the Movement: Real Motion Influences Responses to Take-over Requests in Highly Automated Vehicles CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’18), -.

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Popular Scientific Articles

30. October 2012 
Max Planck scientists show that, contrarily to what was previously believed, speed is overestimated in fog [more]
24. September 2012 
Standortagentur präsentiert Region Neckar-Alb in Italien [more]
August 24, 2011
With the help of computer simulations and prototypes, Max Planck researchers are striving to enhance the communication in human and multi-robot interactions [more]
11. April 2008  (German only)
EU-Projekt Cyberwalk entwickelt eine weltweit einzigartige Plattform für die Erkundung virtueller Welten [more]
April 27, 2005
European project started for the development of a new platform for walking in virtual worlds [more]
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