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Pilz KS Person, Bülthoff HH Person and Thornton IM Person (December-19-2006) Abstract Talk: Looming motion aids short- and long-term face recognition, Tenth Applied Vision Association Christmas Meeting 2005, Birmingham, UK, Perception, 35(3) 420.

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Books (2):

Franz G Person: An empirical approach to the experience of architectural space [Eine empirische Annäherung an die Wirkung architektonischen Raums], 220, Logos Verlag, Berlin, Germany, (2006). ISBN: 978-3-8325-1137-1
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Huberle E Person: Temporal and spatial properties of shape processing in the human visual cortex: Combined fMRI and MEG adaptation, 96, Logos Verlag, Berlin, Germany, (2006). ISBN: 978-3-8325-1453-2
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Proceedings (2):

Fleming RW Person and Kim S : APGV '06, 3rd Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization (APGV 2006), 164, ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, (July-2006).
CiteID: VogelSWB2006
Bülthoff HH Person, Gillner S Person, Mallot HA Person and Ulrich R : 9th Tübingen Perception Conference: TWK 2006, 9th Tübinger Wahrnehmungskonferenz, 177, Knirsch, Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany, (March-2006).
CiteID: 4032

Articles (39):

Hölscher C , Meilinger T Person, Vrachliotis G , Brösamle M and Knauff M Person (December-2006) Up the down staircase: next term Wayfinding strategies in multi-level buildings Journal of Environmental Psychology 26(4) 284-299.
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Graf M Person (November-2006) Coordinate Transformations in Object Recognition Psychological Bulletin 132(6) 920-945.
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Bennett DJ and Vuong QC Person (October-2006) A stereo advantage in generalizing over changes in viewpoint on object recognition tasks Perception and Psychophysics 68(7) 1082-1093.
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Cooke T Person, Kannengiesser S Person, Wallraven C Person and Bülthoff H Person (October-2006) Object feature validation using visual and haptic similarity ratings ACM Transactions on Applied Perception 3(3) 239-261.
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McDonald JS Person and Tadmor Y (October-2006) The perceived contrast of texture patches embedded in natural images Vision Research 46(19) 3098–3104.
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Wallis G Person (September-2006) The temporal and spatial limits of compensation for fixational eye movements Vision Research 46(18) 2848–2858.
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Riecke BE Person, Schulte-Pelkum J Person, Avraamides MN Person, von der Heyde M Person and Bülthoff HH Person (July-2006) Cognitive Factors can Influence Self-Motion Perception (Vection) in Virtual Reality ACM Transactions on Applied Perception 3(3) 194-216.
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Bertelson P , Frissen I Person, Vroomen J and Gelder BD (July-2006) The aftereffects of ventriloquism: Patterns of spatial generalization Perception and Psychophysics 68(3) 428-436.
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Himmelbach M , Karnath H-O , Franz VH Person, Stockmeier K Person and Perenin M-T (June-2006) A general deficit of the ‘automatic pilot’ with posterior parietal cortex lesions? Neuropsychologia 44(13) 2749-2756.
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Pilz KS Person, Thornton IM Person and Bülthoff HH Person (June-2006) A search advantage for faces learned in motion Experimental Brain Research 171(4) 436-447.
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Brouwer A-M Person, Georgiou I , Glover S and Castiello U (March-2006) Adjusting reach to lift movements to sudden visible changes in target‘s weight Experimental Brain Research 173(4) 629-636.
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Fangmeier T , Knauff M Person, Ruff CC and Sloutsky V (March-2006) fMRI Evidence for a Three-Stage Model of Deductive Reasoning Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 18(3) 320-334.
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Pilz KS Person, Braun C , Altpeter E , MacKeben M and Trauzettel-Klosinski S (March-2006) Modulation of Visual Stimulus Discrimination by Sustained Focal Attention: an MEG Study Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 47(3) 1225-1229.
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Noppeney U Person and Penny WD (March-2006) Two approaches to repetition suppression Human Brain Mapping 27(5) 411-416.
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Brouwer A-M Person, Lopez-Moliner J , Brenner E and Smeets JBJ (February-2006) Determining whether a ball will land behind or in front of you: Not just a combination of expansion and angular velocity Vision Research 46(3) 382-391.
CiteID: 3198
Souman JL Person, Hooge ITC and Wertheim AH (February-2006) Frame of reference transformations in motion perception during smooth pursuit eye movements. Journal of Computational Neuroscience 20(1) 61-76.
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Drewing K Person and Ernst MO Person (February-2006) Integration of force and position cues for shape perception through active touch Brain Research 1078(1) 92-100.
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Vuong QC Person, Hof AF Person, Bülthoff HH Person and Thornton IM Person (January-2006) An advantage for detecting dynamic targets in natural scenes Journal of Vision 6(1) 87-96.
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Graf ABA Person, Wichmann FA Person, Bülthoff HH Person and Schölkopf B Person (January-2006) Classification of Faces in Man and Machine Neural Computation 18(1) 143-165.
pdfCiteID: 3520
Knauff M Person and May E (January-2006) Mental Imagery, Reasoning, and Blindness Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology A: Human Experimental Psychology 59(1) 161-177.
pdfCiteID: 3255

Conference papers (17):

Riecke BE Person (November-2006) Simple User-Generated Motion Cueing can Enhance Self-Motion Perception (Vection) in Virtual Reality ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST 2006), ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, 104-107.
pdfCiteID: 4063
Pretto P Person and Chatziastros A Person (October-2006) Changes in optic flow and scene contrast affect the driving speed Driving Simulation Conference (DSC 2006 Europe), INRETS, Bron, France, 263-272.
CiteID: 4076
Castrillón-Santana M Person and Vuong QC Person (October-2006) Combining Human Perception and Geometric Restrictions for Automatic Pedestrian Detection In: Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence, 11th Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA 2005), Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, 163-170.
pdfCiteID: 4227
Khan EA , Akyuz AO Person and Reinhard E (October-2006) Ghost Removal in High Dynamic Range Images 13th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2006), IEEE Operations Center, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 2005-2008.
CiteID: KhanAR2006
Butler JS Person, Smith ST Person, Beykirch K Person and Bülthoff HH Person (October-2006) Visual Vestibular Interactions for Self Motion Estimation Driving Simulation Conference (DSC 2006 Europe), INRETS, Bron, France, 201-210.
pdfCiteID: 4116
Franz G Person (September-2006) Space, color, and perceived qualities of indoor environments 19th International Association for People-Environment Studies Conference (IAPS 2006), Hogrefe & Huber, Seattle, WA, USA, 1-8.
pdfCiteID: 4118
Vitello MP Person, Ernst MO Person and Fritschi M Person (July-2006) An instance of tactile suppression: Active exploration impairs tactile sensitivity for the direction of lateral movement EuroHaptics International Conference (EH 2006), Paris, France, 351-355.
pdfCiteID: 4073
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