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Participants Needed for Scientific Experiments

The MPI for Biological Cybernetics is looking for participants for scientific studies investigating human perception. The experiments are perceptual or behavioral experiments, which are usually performed on the computer. These are no medical experiments. Participation in experiments is financially compensated on an hourly basis ranging between 8-12 € per hour.
The tasks of the participants differ and depend on the particular experiment.

Below we have listed a few projects for which we need/have needed participants as examples of the variety of tasks to expect:
  • Navigation Finding your way between two designated locations either in the real world or in a virtual world.
  • Perception of Faces and Facial Expressions Participants are asked to recognize faces or classify them. During the experiment faces are presented as images or videos.
  • Social Interactions Participants have to interact with avatars in a virtual world.

We also conduct experiments using imaging methods that record brain activity during a task (for example fMRI, EEG, etc.).

If you would like to participate in our experiments, then please sign up for our participant database. This is how it works:
  • Please go to the participant database website:
  • Register on the website by clicking on the link 'register' and complete the required information.
  • Log in using your username and password you just created.
  • Look through the experiments, read the requirements and sign up for a time slot which works best for you.

If you have any further questions about the participant database, then please contact Stephanie Bertenbreiter: presse-kyb[at]
Last updated: Tuesday, 07.05.2013