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Visual Self-Motion

In this setup we can simulate visual self-motion in immersive ecological scenarios.

Recently we have investigated the perceptual and behavioral effects of realistically-simulated fog on driving speed. We compared these effects with those of distance-independent contrast reduction that was previously used to simulate fog. We demonstrated for the first time that an identical global loss of visibility can evoke opposite percepts, depending on the nature of the underlying visual contrast reduction.

In particular, we showed that contrarily to what was previously believed, speed is overestimated in fog because visibility is poorer in the central than in the peripheral area of the visual field.

Selected Publications

Pretto P Person, Bresciani J-P Person, Rainer G Person and Bülthoff HH Person (October-2012) Foggy perception slows us down eLife 1 1-12.
Pretto P Person, Ogier M Person, Bülthoff HH Person and Bresciani J-P Person (April-2009) Influence of the size of the field of view on motion perception Computers and Graphics 33(2) 139-146.

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