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Human locomotion and gait parameters

Does visual motion influence locomotion? Since many actions are guided primarily by vision one must also consider how vision influences locomotion behavior in a VE. It is possible that information from visual motion is coupled to the metabolic and mechanical information for the speed of self-motion for more reliable, consistent and accurate locomotor behavior. Visual speed was found to affect both the speed of the gait transitions and the speed of free walking (Mohler-EBR 2007).
From an engineering viewpoint, this immediate change in behaviors as a result of vision (without user awareness) could be used as a tool when designing VEs. In addition to this prior work, recently the gait parameters for a person who is walking with eyes open versus eyes closed and wearing a head-mounted display versus in the real world was measured. There were two main findings from these results. First, people walk more slowly when their eyes are closed and when they are wearing a head-mounted display (HMD) and a backpack than they do when they are walking in the real world and are unrestricted. Second, when people have a HMD on and are looking at the visuals their head-trunk angle is significantly higher than in all other conditions for the same task (Mohler-EGVE, 2007).


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Mohler BJ Person, Campos JL Person, Weyel MB Person and Bülthoff HH Person (July-2007): Gait parameter differences within an HMD as compared to the real world, 10th Tübinger Wahrnehmungskonferenz (TWK 2007), Tübingen, Germany.

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