Previous Laboratories

The following laboratories are no longer in use. But we are open to reviving it - do not hesitate to contact us!

The omnidirectional treadmill allowed for near-natural walking through arbitrarily large virtual environments and was used for basic research. The basic mechanism consisted of 25 belts (0.5m wide) that were mounted on two big chains. The chains constituted one motion direction (up to 2 m/s), while the belts ran in the orthogonal direction (up to 3 m/s). [more]
The CyberCarpet is a small implementation of a ball bearing platform. [more]
With the Circular Treadmill we we were able to investigate the interaction between the proprioceptive/kinesthetic and the vestibular system during active task such as walking. [more]
A tracking hall of size 7.55m x 6.18m x 3.5m and equipped with tracking capabilities (6 VICON® Bonita cameras, software Vicon® Tracker) was used as a main testing space for our multi-robot research. [more]
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