Motion Simulators

Motion Simulators

Different Motion Simulators Help Study Human Perception

In order to simulate realistic environments and provide the illusion of moving through those environments, scientists in the Cyberneum use a variety of different hardware setups and software libraries.

A motion simulator allows persons to be physically moved through virtual environments simulating the motion of driving cars and flying helicopters, for example. Please check out the individual simulators for more information.

The in-house developed novel CableRobot Simulator is capable of generating unique motion trajectories using - as its name suggests - a cable suspension system. This prototype will be used in perception and cognition research. [more]

The MPI CyberMotion Simulator was developed in-house, as an alternative to traditional motion simulators. It is based on a commercial six-axes serial robot originally designed for use in industries as manipulator.

With the CyberPod we combine virtual reality technologies with moving-base motion simulators. This platform can be moved in six degrees of freedom thanks to its actuated legs. [more]
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