A 360° video tour of the MPI CableRobot Simulator

360 degree video version (up to 8k resolution) of a narrated VR 3D experience created for the 'Origins' exhibition at the University Museum Tuebingen. YOU CAN USE YOUR MOUSE TO ROTATE THE VIEW!

CableRobot Simulator

On 16.09.2015, the CableRobot Simulator from the research group of professor Heinrich Bülthoff at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics had its first public performance. The presentation showed the results of the two-year development in collaboration with the research group for cable robots at the Fraunhofer IPA. In order to allow all those who could not attend to get an impression of the robot in action, the scientists produced this video. The software developer Maria Lächele from the 8-person developers team at the Max-Planck Institute is seen amongst others as a passenger of the robot.


QVis is a program that can be used to visualize simulator motion in various ways.

The MPI CyberMotion Simulator

PanoLab Flight Simulation

This video illustrates the use of our semi-spherical projection screen for flight control experiments. Six projectors are creating a seamless large field-of-view of 230 degrees horizontally and 125 degrees vertically.

Bülthoff • Talk: How does a flying car feel?

Lecture within the series "Vom Reiz der Sinne"

Prof. Dr. Heinrich H. Bülthoff: How does a flying car feel?

From the technological vision to the user-friendly control system

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