Mapping the Communications Hub of the Brain

New insights about the thalamus may improve understanding of brain disorders and intervention more

CaCTüS: where talent meets experience

Successful completion of the first round of the international “Computation and Cognition Tübingen Summer Internship“(CaCTüS) more

How value shapes the fluctuations of conscious perception 

What we perceive might sometimes reflect the outcome of a value-based decision-making process, a new analysis of the literature suggests.

Opening doors for equal opportunities

PhD student Franziska Bröker from the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics initiated the CaCTüS Internship programme for less advantaged students more

a side-face stone sculpture of Minerva (roughly five meters high) on the left side of the glass entrance of an office building

The cooperation strengthens application-related research on artificial intelligence in Germany more

Max Planck researcher Li Zhaoping deliberates on neuroscientific views at Venice “Human Brains” exhibition more

Estimating the pace of change

Novel approach for determining timescales might pave way for new insights in neuroscience

Prefrontal cortex involved in conscious vision

Use of ambiguous visual stimuli to disambiguate the neural correlates of consciousness more

Near-natural, fractal architecture promotes well-being

Basic researchers call for urban design based on scientific facts more

Researchers propose a dynamical systems view of internal brain states across species

Max Planck scientists on the future of neuroethological research more

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