DSSS - eLife: Evolution of Publishing

  • Datum: 13.01.2023
  • Uhrzeit: 15:00 - 16:00
  • Vortragender: Detlef Weigel
  • Department of Molecular Biology, MPI for Biology
 DSSS - eLife: Evolution of Publishing

I will discuss eLife's new peer-review process. From January 2023, eLife will no longer make accept/reject decisions after peer review. Instead, every preprint sent for peer review will be published on the eLife website as a “Reviewed Preprint” that includes an eLife assessment, public reviews, and a response from the authors (if available). When writing the eLife assessment, the editors and reviewers will use a common vocabulary to summarize the significance of the findings and the strength of the evidence reported in the preprint.

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